Shine a Light
on Hidden Risks

VXC Helps Lenders Illuminate
the Risks Hidden from View

A secure, confidential data sharing platform that's easy to use.
No personally identifiable information required.

Simple. Powerful. Illuminating.


Supplement lot audits with
actionable, reliable data.


Keep dealers from
getting out of trust.


Ensure the security of
your assets and the integrity
of the marketplace.


VXC gives lenders reliable, actionable data that can enhance their risk management programs and eliminate the need for physical audits.

An Overview of VXC

A platform provided by AutoTec, VXC is an industry leading solution that allows lenders to securely and confidentially identify unreported activity with units in their portfolio.

Lenders can leverage VXC as actionable data:
  • Identify hidden risks within a portfolio
  • Supplement physical lot audits
  • Flag potential double floor situations before they become catastrophic

Shine a light on hidden risks in your portfolio

Supplement lot audits with reliable, actionable data.

How it Works

VIN CrossCheck is a data sharing platform that allows lenders to securely and confidentially exchange VIN information to identify hidden risks or events associated with VINs in their portfolio.

  • Securely send VXC a list of VINs and their floor plan date.
  • The VXC system will confidentially compare your list of VINs with other participating data sources.
  • VXC will send you a daily report of all matches with the submitted VINs in your portfolio.
Double Flooring

Double Flooring

Retail Sales

Retail Sales

Inventory at Auction

Inventory at Auction

Online Transactions

Online Transactions

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